101: Pure Gliding Over New Zealand: Tim Bromhead Interview

Today on this episode we have a guest host and guest pilot! Chuck hands the microphone over to Clemens...

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100: 100th Episode celebration With Bruno Vassel

Join us now for our 100th episode celebration! Bruno Vassel helps Chuck & The Team Celebrate this podcast milestone!...

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99: Racing In Nephi: 18 Meter Nationals

On this epidsode we had the priviledge to catch up with Clemens Ceipek, Competition Glider Pilot, Blogger & Youtuber...

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98: Sucked Into A Thunderstorm, 20 meter Two Seater Nationals & Soaring In The Olympics?

Kempton Izuno is back from the 20 Meter 2 Seater Nationals  in Montague California and will share his experiences...

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97: Reaching The Turn Point, Vegas & Crossing The Andes: Henrique Navarro 8X Brazilian Champion

8x Brazilian Champion Henrique Navarro, Glider competition pilot, Instructor, Aerobatic instructor and author joins us today. He also has...

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96: Final Glides, Pulling G’s & Dolphin Flying

  Tony Condon has recently won The Club Class Nationals in Tennessee! He will take us with him in the...

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