01: Soaring The Sky Episode One!

Hi I'm Chuck your host for soaring the Sky ! In this episode a glider pilot with over 30...

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02: Crop dusters Tail dragers and gliders

Join Chris and I as he talks about his aviation adventure ! from The Air Force to Flying young...

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03: Cross winds Turbulence and Ridge running

Join Chuck and his guest Dan as he shares his soaring adventures.In this episode a bumpy start for his...

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04: I found a thermal ! Chuck & Dan

Join Chuck in this episode as he talks about how his aviation story started and how this podcast got...

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05: Grass Strips and Glass Ships: Chris Snyder Merlin Soaring

Join Chuck and today's Guest Chris Snyder from the Merlin Soaring Association in Richmond Virginia ! Chris shares how...

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06: Finding wave in Tampa Bay? Bruce Patton, Tow Pilot & Glider Pilot

On this episode our guest is Bruce Patton From Sunny Florida ! Bruce is a Tow pilot as well...

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