118: Cross Country Across The Country: An Interview with Gordon Boettger

Our friend Zach Yamauchi recently caught up with Gordon Boettger, Gordon has added a whole new meaning to "cross...

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117: Pioneering a new route to Sierra wave: An Interview with Morgan Hall

Morgan Hall has just experienced an amazing uncharted soaring route flying wave in the sierras. What an adventure he...

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116: Soaring Austria: An interview with Rudi Schlesinger

On this episode we chat with Rudi Schlesinger, glider pilot and airline captain. Rudi started flying gliders in 1998...

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114: Sailplanes, Hang Gliders & Ultralights: Ian Brubaker Interview

Ian Brubaker started his aviation journey in 2006, first flying powered in Cessnas, then sailplanes, and then moving on...

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113: The Soaring Kings Of YouTube: World Premiere, Bruno Vassel Interviews Stefan Langer

This episode’s guest host is glider pilot and YouTuber extraordinaire – the one and only Bruno Vassel!  Bruno joins us from Utah, and even in...

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