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136: Soaring The Sonoran: Eric Redweik Interview

Today we will be soaring over the Sonoran Desert in Southern Arizona with our friend Eric Redweik from the The Tucson Soaring club. Cross-country soaring in this area frequently...

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135: Soaring Tasmania: Robert Kennedy

The island of Tasmania can be found south of Australia seperated by a 240 kilometer stretch of water called the Bass Strait. We know Australia has many soaring clubs...

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134: MiniMoas, Flying Fire Trucks & Sharing the Transferable Skill: Keith Eyler Interview

On this episode Keith Eyler joins us and shares his aviation journey and adventures. When Keith is not fighting fires in the Air Tanker with Cal Fire, he loves...

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133: Soaring Below Sea Level: Natan Elsberg

On this episode we will be soaring below sea level! In order to do that we will be heading to Isreal where we meet Natan Elsberg. He will be...

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132: 2022 A Year In Review

Your votes are in! What was the most downloaded podcast episode for 2022? Barbora, The Gliding Junkie joins Chuck to countdown and talk about the best of and most...

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131: Engineered To Soar: Adriana’s aviation adventure

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Adriana Barragan grew her passion for life, beauty, science and freedom. During her childhood and teens, she was exposed to disciplined arts and sports that...

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Chuck Fulton

Chuck Fulton

Show Host
Hosted by Chuck Fulton, a glider pilot from the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, this weekly interview-style podcasts tells the personal stories of glider pilots throughout the world.

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