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109: Crash Landings & Mid Air Collisions

On this episode we bring you several short soaring stories from glider pilots all over the globe & celebrate another exciting year here on the podcast. From Crash landing...

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108: A Soaring Fix From The Gliding Junkie

On this episode we bring you a guest host and a guest pilot! Barbora, AKA The Gliding Junkie on Instagram is a member of the Czech National Gliding Team,...

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Bonus Episode: A Bird‘s Eye View With Stefan Langer

Hello Soaring community and welcome back to the podcast! This is our second bonus episode from some of our most played interviews and this time we bring you our...

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107: Nixus Fly-By-Wire Project & Long Cross Country Flights: Zach Yamauchi Interview

Our guest today is Zach Yamauchi a 23 year old glider pilot and Aerospace Engineer currently  working for a company foccused on unmanned aircraft. Zach learned how to fly...

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Bonus Episode: Perlan Project

Miguel Iturmendi, one of the pilots from the Perlan project as he answers your questions and shares his adventures flying super high altitudes and what it’s like soaring in...

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106: World‘s Most Interesting Man: Gavin McClurg

Gavin McClurg is an, author, adventurer, public speaker and host of the podcast Cloudbase Mayhem. He has flown in Alaska being the first person to traverse the full length...

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Behind The Mic

Chuck Fulton

Chuck Fulton

Show Host
Hosted by Chuck Fulton, a glider pilot from the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, this weekly interview-style podcasts tells the personal stories of glider pilots throughout the world.

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