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Hi everybody! What started as a little project in my basement nearly two years ago has just kept growing and as we onboard more listeners, I feel driven to keep upping the ante with the quality of the content, the guests, and more than anything I’d like to be able to travel out to more regional, national, or maybe some day even  to international glider ports to get up close and personal with more pilots and people in the Soaring Community. We all love Zoom and Skype and all that, but like the time I went out to the Soaring Academy in Los Angeles, under their sponsorship of my trip, it was clear to me that I need to do a lot more of that! Not to mention all the time I’m putting into the show is taking time away from the organic farming biz here in West Virginia that I’m involved with, and we all know time is money, and so any income that I can derive from the Show can also help me offset some of the time I am investing into building out the biggest and best Podcast dedicated to the sport of Soaring!!! If you want to do a monthly donation, go with Patreon. If you want to just do a one time donation (or maybe a few a year!), then PayPal or Venmo will work too! Whatever the mode of support is, please just know that I will lever all the funding I get to generate more premium content both onto the Podcast itself and also the website and our social media platforms. Thanks for your support! I am humbly here to serve you and the global Soaring Community!!!

Chuck and Team

Chuck Fulton / Soaring the Sky Podcast Host