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123: A Soaring Safari with Bruno Vassel & Dan Wrobel

Clemens Ceipek from Chess In The Air is joining us from Colorado. He will be talking with Bruno Vassel & Dan Wrobel in Utah about their recent Soaring Safari...

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122: Amelia The Glider Pilot

On this episode Chuck talks with Amelia, a glider pilot soaring in the United Kingdom. Yes her name fits her very well as you will soon find out. At...

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121: Pineapple Thermals, Cargo Gliders in Japan? & Flying the LP-15: Steve Keltie Interview

On this episode our guest pilot is Steve Keltie. Steve's father was an engineer so, he has been around aviation since he was very young. Hanging out at the...

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120: Area 51, UFOs & Potato Guns: An Interview with Jay McDaniel of Las Vegas Valley Soaring

On this episode we head to Las Vegas Valley Soaring where we chat with Jay McDaniel! What's it like soaring in the desert heat and monster thermals? Join us...

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119: Soaring Slovakia & Aerobatic Dreams In Great Britain

Today we will first head to the Czech Republic and talk with our good friend Barbora Moravcova, She is a member of the Czeck Repubulic Women's gliding team and...

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118: Cross Country Across The Country: An Interview with Gordon Boettger

Our friend Zach Yamauchi recently caught up with Gordon Boettger, Gordon has added a whole new meaning to "cross country" soaring as you are about to hear on this...

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Chuck Fulton

Chuck Fulton

Show Host
Hosted by Chuck Fulton, a glider pilot from the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, this weekly interview-style podcasts tells the personal stories of glider pilots throughout the world.

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