Mitch Thomson

Glider Pilot VP International Business Co-Founder Ss Brewtech

Mitch Thomson, started his soaring journey 15 years ago picking up RC gliders after years of flying powered RC planes and building scale airplane models, then realized quickly that he wanted to scale up from RC into his own glider when the opportunity presented itself.   Soaring in his own glider was something he put on his bucket list for over a decade, and culminated in an orientation flight at Warner Springs California back in 2018 where his first flight took him up into winter wave and so much altitude that him and the instructor in the backseat got to do some fun aerobatic maneuvers on the way back to the field.  And at that point he was hooked.  After they landed, he signed up on the FAA website for his student certificate and then started a rigorous training regimen at the Soaring Academy, finally culminating in his glider solo flight in Oct 2019. After a Covid virus delay in the Spring of this year, he took his checkride and got his glider private certificate in May.   Mitch is now soaring out of Crystal Airport, CN46 on the Los Angeles Sectional, located in the high desert of Southern California just Northeast of Los Angeles, and is enjoying his days flying an ASG29 up in the San Gabriel mountains.

Instagram @stealthv4s