Barbora Moracova

Glider Pilot Czech National Gliding Team Member

Barbora Moravcova joins us from the Czech republic and is part of the Czech National Gliding Team. She started flying gliders at the age of 17 after recovering from breaking her leg falling off of a horse. She started searching for other activities she could get into. With both of her parents already glider pilots she thought it may be a good time to check it out for herself. She now has over 1,000 hours in the cockpit and in early 2020 she competed in the Women’s World’s Gliding Championships in Australia. She has also flown in the Junior World’s in Hungary. One of her favorite ways to soar in the glider is in wave. Barbora continues her aviation journey and is currently flying the LS8. Listen to her story on episode 62.

Instagram @glidingjunkie