JP Stewart

2021 Club Class World Team Menber

JP Stewart 2021 U.S Club Class World Team Member and SSA chairman of the Youth/Junior Committee loves flying sailplanes and just about anything that flies. At an early age he flew RC but soon discovered gliders. JP is currently director of safety and training at Blue Ridge Soaring Society. There he typically flies the club LS-6b which he has 19 state records in on the thermals, ridge and wave of the Appalachian mountains. He has 2x 1000km, and 2x 750km, and 2x 500km this year alone! He has flown 3 Junior Worlds Competitions and is on the 2021 US Club Class World Team. JP is also the co-chairman of the SSA Youth/Junior Committee. When not flying cross country he enjoys teaching others to fly and also enjoys flying some powered. Professionally he applies his R.C flying and aviation overall as a Senior Program Manager at Aurora Flight Sciences where he leads the technical development of full-scale experimental aircraft. JP is grateful that his aviation career has given him a chance to fly in some amazing places all over the World.