08: Perlan II Project Pilot Miguel Inturmendi

Today we sit down with Miguel Iturmendi a test pilot with the perlan II Project as he shares his...

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09: Third Generation Pilot : Olivia’s Story

Join Us as we talk to a young lady that is following in her Grandfather and fathers footsteps. She...

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10: Falling from the sky to Soaring where birds fly: Mike Pilert

In this episode Chuck talks to Mike Pilert who has been jumping out of airplanes for over 48 years....

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11: Adventures and finding a way to fly With Ted Reynolds

Today we find we find ourselves near the southern edge of the Mendocino mountains in northern California. Ted Reynolds...

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12: I need more G’s! : Laura Radigan An Aerobatic Pilots Story

Today we jump in the cockpit with an aerobatic pilot Laura Radigan as she walks us through a day...

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