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We would love to discuss your ideas on our show.

You can reach us over on our Soaring the Sky Facebook Group or via DM through Instragram. Or also please feel free to shoot us an email at  If you have ideas for the show, or you want to be a guest pilot or guest host, or just about anything – please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 


To record a message or a story you’d like to tell or, just to say hi and tell us where you listen to the podcast, please just click the blue share your story below.  Currently the recordings are limited but, If you run out of time, just send another one – and we can patch them together. Please also be sure to tell us (in your recording) what country / city you are from and /or what gliderport that you fly out of most of the time and/or even what glider you fly most of the time!