The island of Tasmania can be found south of Australia seperated by a 240 kilometer stretch of water called the Bass Strait. We know Australia has many soaring clubs throughout the country and we have spoke to some of those pilots here on the podcast but I was curious if Tasmania had any active soaring clubs? We found one, in fact its the only one on the island and their we found our new friend and fellow aviator Robert Kennedy.

Robert got the aviation bug from His Father who was a World War II Pilot. As a young boy he enjoyed flying RC aircraft but later he discovered sailplanes.

Robert has been soaring for nearly 50 years. He Started his gliding training flying the K-13 then the Libelle. He said he also did lots of towing because tow pilots fly for free. 

Robert has has enjoyed many differnt typs of aviation jobs throughout his life and spent 10 years of it as an Air Traffic controller, working in the morning allowed for flying time in the afternoon. He spent some of his time as a Civil Aviation inspector, ran a helicopter school and has flown everything from light sport aircraft, war birds, 737’s and so much more. Robert has so many stories to share with us.  We will also get into saftey with him so we all can learn from his experiences and be better and safer pilots.

Sergio is back with us today with another  Soaring Master Segment and this one is titled Smoke & Fires. If you like what you hear today please hit the subscribe button and leave us a review. I hope you enjoy this episode! 

Happy Soaring & Fly Safe


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