On this episode we will be soaring below sea level! In order to do that we will be heading to Isreal where we meet Natan Elsberg. He will be sharing his amazing soaring adventures over the Dead Sea and many other places! Natan has hundreds of hours logged in gliders and has also done alot of towing in Cesna 180s, Piper super cubs, Pawneees and more but, he enjoys flying gliders the most. He currently flies a Janus CM. Natan has visited and flown over 20 glider operations around the world but has been gliding in Israel since 2009. Imedieatly following our chat with Natan, (01:02:35) Sergio The Soaring Master joins us to talk about our soaring goals for the new year and some great ways we can accomplish them. 







Natan Elsberg Aviation Bio

Age: 53 (Born 1969)

Hours: 1500 total, 700 Glider

Power: SEL, MEL, Instrument Airplane

Glider: FAA Commercial, Israel CFIG

Towed: Cessna 180, Piper Super Cub, Pawnee, *Eurofox

Owned a DA40 in a syndicate 

Currently Own a Janus CM in a syndicate

Started flying at age 12, Soloed 172 at age 16

Started Gliders after 250 power hours at Penn State at age 20 (which changed the course of my life)

Visited/Flew at over 20 glider operations around the world

Gliding in Israel since 2009

Instructor since 2014


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