130: Paragliding & Sailplanes: An aviation adventure with Wim Decrook In Belgium

On Today’s episode we head to Belgium to chat with Wim DeCrooK, a competition paraglider pilot with over 1000 hours. Before finding his sweet spot in the cockpit of a sailplane, Wim competed alot! He was ranked 2nd in the Serial class at the British open in Spain in 2019 and 3rd overall at the Mossella Open in France also in that same year. His best soaring season in a paraglider he flew more than 140 hours. These are just some of his accomplishments. Wim will share some of his adventures & experiences, like the time he ended up being stuck between two thunderstorms and some how managing to escape and land unharmed! Another time he found himself landing in a swamp and soon after standing in his underwear pulling off leeches from his body. Wim has learned alot about soaring and talks about his transition into a glider and what we all can learn from this amazing journey! 



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