A Mission To Soar In Montana & The Dust Devil Dash 2022: John Foster Interview, Doug Fronius

On this episode we will first head to the great Northwest where we find John Foster, our guest pilot soaring over the rocky mountains in Montana. Now this is in a part of the soaring world we have not heard too much about here on the podcast so I was happy when he reached out to us to share his adventures & journey and how he plans to help build the soaring community there. John also flies a Phoebus that has some super interesting history that he will share with us. Later on this episode we will be talking to Doug Fronius, this years winner of the Dust Devil Dash. This was the 38th year of the competition and its always alot of fun. One of the unique things about this event is that you can compete in any glider and in fact, In years past, Doug himself flew his 1943 LK 10 and won! Today he will be breaking down the competition and also his flight in his ASW 20. Also on this episode we will be hearing another great informative segment from Sergio The Soaring Master and today he talks about Take off Emergencies & how we can be safer & more prepared. 






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