121: Pineapple Thermals, Cargo Gliders in Japan? & Flying the LP-15: Steve Keltie Interview

On this episode our guest pilot is Steve Keltie. Steve’s father was an engineer so, he has been around aviation since he was very young. Hanging out at the airport watching test flights and soaking up all the sights and sounds he could. Steve even had the opportunity as a kid to be around aviation royalty Bob Hoover and other well known aviators. Steve sits down with our producer Mitch and shares some stories about catching thermals above pineapple fields in Hawaii, cargo gliders invading Japan? Steve will also share with us a flight that caused him to walk away from the sport for a bit. He talks about some great experiences flying his LP-15, a very unique glider with an interesting history! After Mitch’s chat with Steve we will join Sergio The Soaring Master for another new segment. This one is about sailplane improvements.








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