Month: July 2022

123: A Soaring Safari with Bruno Vassel & Dan Wrobel

Clemens Ceipek from Chess In The Air is joining us from Colorado. He will be talking with Bruno Vassel & Dan Wrobel in Utah about their recent Soaring Safari they completed. You may have followed some of their journey on Facebook. Their adventure include…

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122: Amelia The Glider Pilot

On this episode Chuck talks with Amelia, a glider pilot soaring in the United Kingdom. Yes her name fits her very well as you will soon find out. At just 15 years old she is already making an impact on the sport. She loves sharing her soaring journey on …

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121: Pineapple Thermals, Cargo Gliders in Japan? & Flying the LP-15: Steve Keltie Interview

On this episode our guest pilot is Steve Keltie. Steve’s father was an engineer so, he has been around aviation since he was very young. Hanging out at the airport watching test flights and soaking up all the sights and sounds he could. Steve even had th…

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