118: Cross Country Across The Country: An Interview with Gordon Boettger

Our friend Zach Yamauchi recently caught up with Gordon Boettger, Gordon has added a whole new meaning to “cross country” soaring as you are about to hear on this episode. He has been soaring pretty much his whole life. He soloed at 14 and has not looked back. Gordon holds 5 US distance Records and has Multiple crosswind and downwind flights beyond 2000 km, including flights done in a Kestrel from the 1970s. 
He began his professional aviation career in the Navy, and now flies for FedEx. Gordons true passion for aviation is in the glider and finding the perfect conditions to grab another long distance flight.   
Finally, a reminder for us all before we let him tell his story, “Gordan is a highly experienced aviator, and has a lifetime of experience that has enabled him to do these amazing flights safely and legally. The experiences we are about to share with you are for educational and entertainment purposes only and are NOT a substitute for formal flight training or mentorship.” 

Later on this episode, Sergio The Soaring Master joins us for some great information and advice on speed to fly. Join us now for this exciting episode as we bring you episode 118! Enjoy the show!

You can find Gordon on instagram @grboettger where he has shared some amazing shots from the glider.

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