116: Soaring Austria: An interview with Rudi Schlesinger

On this episode we chat with Rudi Schlesinger, glider pilot and airline captain. Rudi started flying gliders in 1998 and later flew competitions including the Austrian Junior Nationals in 2002, Junior Worlds In Slovakia in 2003 and later that year he was invited to a training camp with Geaorge Lee in Austria. Rudi flew his first 1000k flight in 2010. He was Austrian National Champion in 2012. He had 2 World Records in the 13.5m class in 2020. On this episode he shares some crazy stories like the time he flew around the tower at the Vienna International Airport in his glider! Rudi also enjoys flying gliders in other parts of the world when ever he gets the chance. He has flown in Germany, Japan, Isreal, Denmark, switzerland and the United states. Stick around after our chat with rudi for another new segment from our friend Sergio The Soaring master as he talks about Cross Country Checks. All This and more now on Soaring The Sky. 












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