113: The Soaring Kings Of YouTube: World Premiere, Bruno Vassel Interviews Stefan Langer

This episode’s guest host is glider pilot and YouTuber extraordinaire – the one and only Bruno Vassel!  Bruno joins us from Utah, and even in the small world of soaring, this will be his first time to ever connect with the legendary Stefan Langer.  Together their gliding videos already have over 85 million views, and they have inspired countless thousands of people to take up or at least try flying in a glider. In this episode, they share their journeys and the various adventures they’ve experienced along the way.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Later on this episode, Sergio The Soaring Master brings us another one of his feature segments., where he talks about the importance of flying new types of sailplanes, and how it can help us be better glider pilots.




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