111: Behind The Lens Of A Glider Pilot: An Interview With Tobias Barth

On this episode we chat with world famous aviation photographer and glider pilot Tobias Barth! Many of you have seen his incredible images taken all over the World.  Since 2019 the “Aviation Calendar”, Soaring edition has exclusively used his pictures. His work has also been featured in Magazines and other media. What does it take to get all those amazing shots while flying sometimes only a wingspan apart from the other aircraft? Tobi started flying gliders at the age of 13 and never looked back. He continues to enjoy soaring and many of those flights you will find him with camera in hand looking for that next great shot. You can find thousands of images on his website. (see show notes for link)  

(01:05) Sergio The Soaring Master brings us another great segment and this one is titled “Flying Old Timers” Everyone, if given the opportunity should take a flight in these amazing time machines. What can we learn from these vintage aircraft?  









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