104: American Flying A JS3 The Alps: Howie BoHl Interview

On this episode of the podcast we head just outside of L.A and join our Co Producer Mitch! He is going to share with you his interview with Glider Pilot Howie Bohl, Howie comes from a long line of aviators starting with his great grandfather who started flying in the 1920s with the Army ROTC and eventually flying for United Airlines. His Grandfather was also an Airline pilot as well as his father. Howie started flying at age 13 in gliders and soloed on his 14th Birthday. He then started flying Powered and soloed at 16. He later became a tow pilot and continued to fly gliders and then he himself started flying with the airlines. Howie has flown all over the world and not just for the Airlines but also in gliders. Today he shares with us some of those adventures.

Also on the podcast today Sergio the Soaring Master is back with some advice on Blue Days! All that and more now on soaring The Sky!



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