97: Reaching The Turn Point, Vegas & Crossing The Andes: Henrique Navarro 8X Brazilian Champion

8x Brazilian Champion Henrique Navarro, Glider competition pilot, Instructor, Aerobatic instructor and author joins us today. He also has competed several times in the World Gliding Championships in (France 2006, Argentina 2012, Finland 2014, Lithuania 2016, Czech Republic 2018) Henrique has broken 33 national records in Brazil has over 5,000 hours in gliders, over 500 in airplanes (mostly towing gliders) & has flown 64 different glider types He is also a Sales agent for Schempp-Hirth gliders. 

(43:35) Sergio shares a story about a glider pilot crossing The Andes in 1964 with no working Radio in The cockpit! Join Sergio The Soaring Master as he tells this amazing true story about the first successful crossing of the Ades in a glider. All this and much more on episode 97 of Soaring The Sky! 





2 comments on “97: Reaching The Turn Point, Vegas & Crossing The Andes: Henrique Navarro 8X Brazilian Champion
  1. Sergio many thanks for the amazing story of the crossing of the Andes by glider. Actually, there was a previous one in 1956 made by Heinz Scheidhauer (Germany) and Claudio Dori (Argentina). They joined the city of Bariloche (Arg.) With Ensenada (Chile) with two gliders, Dori aboard a Slingsby T-34 “Sky” (registration LV-EEN) and the German pilot based in Córdoba, Heinz Scheidhauer with an IA-41 “Urubú” flying wing, designed in the country by Dr. Reimar Horten and built entirely at the IAME (Aeronautical and Mechanical Industries of the State, the Argentinian factory).
    You can find the complete story here http://www.volaravela.com.ar/cordill.htm

    Chuck, congrats for your podcast, it is a great job with very interesting content and a high-end professional layout.
    Keep working!

    1. Chuck Fulton says:

      Thank you Carlos! Sergio is a great story teller! What an amazing story it is! Thank you, we will continue to work hard to put out great soaring content for the aviation community!
      Happy Soaring, Chuck & The podcast Team!

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