96: Final Glides, Pulling G’s & Dolphin Flying


Tony Condon has recently won The Club Class Nationals in Tennessee! He will take us with him in the cockpit as we experience what it’s like from start to finish and what it takes to soar all the way to the podium. Tony has competed in many National gliding competitions as well as the 13.5 Meter World Gliding Championships.  When he is not competing he is teaching others how to Soar! 

(44:00) What is Dolphin Flight? We find out on this episode as we head to Brazil to hear from Sergio as he explains it in our new soaring master segment titled Soaring With Sergio the Soaring Master.

(50:00) Flying Simon joins us from the Netherlands with some soaring advice about landing out and how his crew found him near a small German village enjoying a beer with the locals after one of his landouts. Hear his new segment that we like to call Simon says! All this and more now on Soaring the sky.






1 comment on “96: Final Glides, Pulling G’s & Dolphin Flying
  1. Ekcitiang to listen to pilots from all around the world. Hope it is ik that i share the page on my clubs webpage.

    Henning Pedersen
    Gliderpilot in Østsjællands flyveklub since 1970

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