95 Winglets, War Stories & Dust Devils : Dave Reilly Interview

Contest Flying, scary landouts, hangar stories, Waco gliders & world war II and more! Our featured guest pilot today is Dave Reilly joining us from Merlan Soaring center in Virginia. 

Like many of us From the time he was a kid he wanted to fly. Dave discovered gliding in 2005 and progressed from the 2-33 to the 1-26 and on. He now enjoys flying in is very own LS8-18 Dave shares some great stories with us like the time he was not sure if he was going to make it back to the glider port but remembered he had been in this situation before in the same area during simulation flying in Condor what happens next may surprise you? 

In mid May Dave did a 240 mile flight that completed the altitude and distance requirements for his Silver Badge, as well as the requirements for his Gold Distance and the Diamond Goal. On a fun note, he recently flew a 114 mile run to the North west ridges and retrieved the Boomerang plaque from the Front Royal club after they landed at Merlin and claimed it on 5/15. He will better explain the Boomerang during our chat.   

Dave’s only regret? he wishes he would have discovered this amazing sport earlier! 

We will then head to the Netherlands for our new segment “Simon Says” as Flying Simon talks about one of his favorite soaring activities…flying contest. 

Our Listener logbook is back today as we head to the Hangars in Tehachapi California and dust off the pages of some vintage glider logbooks that hold some amazing stories from World War II and more.  Christopher Stevenson chats with Doug Fronius a vintage glider owner and enthusiast.   

Have you ever been bored in the Cockpit while in the air? Is that even possible? Dale Masters will  bring us another soaring Tale and this one is titled Stir Crazy!  All that and much more now on episode 95!





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