94: Mastering Gliding In Brazil : Sergio Lousada

On this episode we head to Brazil to chat with Sergio Lousada, he is 35 years old and is a Soaring Pilot, Cross country Coach, and Flight Test Engineer.  Sergio has been flying sailplanes since 2007, but for as long as he can remember he has been addicted to aviation. Interesting enough, soaring made it possible to fulfill his dreams.
As his gliding activity was decisive when he was selected to become a flight test engineer of military aircraft and he got to fly a good number of them! What he learned in the flight test environment he found to be very useful to soaring. And What is the Soaring Master Project? we will soon find out!
Sergio has flown in many parts of the world (Andes, Alps, and Brazil and since 2018 has been acting as coach for the Brazilian AF soaring team! So many great stories like the time he depended on his motor glider engine to start while he was getting dangerously low! 

(52:40) Dale Masters Brings us another Soaring Tales With Dale, and this one is titled A Half Second Later Is A Second Too Late!

(55:40) We are excited to bring you a new segment on this episode called Simon says.  One of our previous gust Flying Simon has a brand new story and some very important advice from a flight he experienced early in his soaring journey. All that and more now on Soaring The sky!








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