91: Open Cockpits & Vintage Flying Machines: An Interview with Flying Simon

Flying Simon is a glider pilot joining us from the Netherlands and a few years ago he started his YouTube channel ‘Flying Simon’. He has captured some of his amazing flights. Simons goal is to share the excitement and the wonderful perspective of gliding and this year he hopes to share adventures all over Europe from flights in new gliders to the Junior European Championships in Lithuania! Simon chats with us today on the podcast and shares some of his aviation adventures including the story about one of his YouTube adventures in an open canopy Vintage glider!

Staying on the theme of vintage gliders we will join Bob Armstrong for our Tips & Techniques segment in his hanger where he keeps a 1946 Schweitzer SGU 1-19 that has been flown over Oshkosh! Dale Masters brings us another soaring Tales with Dale and this one is titled “Feathered Avatars”  We will bring another Soaring Safety Segment as well as our Brand new Listener logbook Segment where you get to share your soaring stories! Click The link below now to record your soaring story and hear it on an upcoming episode! All this and more now on episode 91 of Soaring The Sky, a glider pilot’s podcast.







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