Month: March 2021

89: Soaring In The Philippines with Rolf Dunder

On this episode of the podcast we first head to the Philippines and talk with Rolf Dunder, He originally learned to fly in Hamm-Lippewiesen Germany but is currently the only glider pilot soaring in the Philippines. Rolf started soaring in 1979, soloed in…

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88: A Gift Of Soaring & Soaring Across America: Bill Palmer & Eric Carden Interviews

Bill Palmer is our first guest pilot we will hear from on this episode. Bills soaring journey started in 1991 when his wife gave him a glider flight for his Birthday . It was with the now famous Bob Wander in Minnesota. Bill had recently qualified as an …

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87: Spins & Whirlwinds: An interview with Dr. Daniel L. Johnson

Dan Johnson is a retired AME and internist, living on the west coast ofWisconsin, close to the airport from which he flies sailplanes and airplanes.
He’s flown airplanes since his father bought a Cessna 150 with observer doorsin 1962, and has flown glide…

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