85: Soaring With Prince Charles: An Interview with George Lee Triple Gliding World Champion

Honored to have Triple Gliding World Champion George Lee MBE with us on the podcast today. George was Born in Dublin in 1945. Joined the Royal Air Force in 1962 as a technical apprentice. He then Became a pilot and flew primarily the F4 Phantom. He Joined CathayPacific Airways in 1984 where he flew 747s for fifteen years before retiring to Australia.George Started gliding in 1963, became an instructor and gained all three diamonds.Started contest flying in 1970, and flew in five World Championships (all Open Class),winning the first three (Finland, France and Germany), being the first person inhistory to win three consecutive world titles. He also Flew in the Smirnoff Derby in 1977,and flew in two Hitachi Masters in Arizona and Florida). George Instructed Prince Charlesfor his first and only flights in a glider. Received numerous awards, including theLilienthal Medal, the Royal Aero Club Gold Medal, the Britannia Trophy and theAir League Founders Medal.George Ran advanced coaching courses for primarily experienced junior pilots inAustralia, the students coming from Australia, the UK, the USA, Austria and SouthAfrica. All this and more as we hear his amazing soaring journey.

(47:23) Dale Masters, author and glider pilot brings us another Soaring Tale and this one is called “Ballad From Button Bay” 

(50:22) Glider Pilot, Powered Pilot and YouTuber Pilot Bambi for our Soaring Safety Segment. 

(52:18) To finish up the episode we head to sunny Florida for our Tips & technics segment to talk to Bruce Patton. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky. 








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