On this episode of the podcast we first head to The Prescott Soaring Club in Coyote Springs Arizona, just north east of Prescott Valley as we speak with glider pilot and instructor Peter Steinmetz. Peter is a research neurologist and computational neuroscientist. He was fascinated by flight and space from an early age but a busy career deferred his pilot training until 2015. Since then he has completed his instrument rating and is a certified flight instructor in both gliders and single engine airplanes, as well as an advanced ground instructor. He purchased a 1969 Cessna Cardinal prior to his solo and enjoys flying it over the wild spaces of Arizona. He currently flies with the Prescott Soaring Association and at Estrella Sailport. He lives in Tempe, AZ with his wife, son, and 4 cats. Peter will share his soaring adventures and what its like being winch launched and landing out in the desert.

(36:45) Later on the podcast, author and glider pilot and author Dale Masters joins us for another Short story on “Soaring Tales with Dale” this one is titled “Don’t Back Down, Back up!”

(39:00) For our Tips & Technics segment we catch up with Glider pilot and author of the blog Chess in the air Clemens Ceipek to find out if 2020 was a pandemic write off? Clemens shares with us his transition to flapped gliders in his new Ventus 2cx T which also has a sustainer and he will explain the benefits of having that. He also talks about his adventures soaring in Nephi Utah with Bruno Vassel as well as doing more soaring over the rocky mountains in Colorado. We will also see how he did this year in the OLC speed league and find out how your club can compete in that league.

(1:15:15) To finish our episode it’s our Soaring Safety segment as we get some great advice from Czech National Women’s gliding team member Hana Treslova as she talks about the importance of learning from our mistakes as well as others. All of this now on episode 83 of soaring the sky.






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