On this episode of the podcast we first talk with Jack Jenner hall, Jack is currently UK’s Youngest Pilot! He started learning to fly gliders at age 11. Jack Recently flew his first solo flight in a glider on his 14th birthday. He is currently working towards his bronze exam while also learning glider aerobatics. One of his goals is to get more young people like himself into aviation and show them that there are many affordable ways to get into flying. Join us as Jack shares his aviation journey.

(29:00) Later on the podcast Dale Masters, Author and Glider pilot will share a new story with us called “Communication Takedown”

(33:00) Our next guest James Aleggio soaring from the Hawaiian islands joins us for our  soaring safety segment as he talks about the importance of communication during a winch launch.

(33:50) We than close the show with Ulrich Beinert from Central Germany reminding us how our feathered friends can help with our soaring adventures. All this on episode 81 of soaring the sky.






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