80: Cross Country Sports Class & Stratospheric Wave

On this episode of the podcast we first talk with Pete Appleby, Pete is a soaring pilot with the Merlin Soaring Association club in Virginia. He has been flying gliders since 2012 and discovered sailplanes through building and flying R/C model planes. He has participated in wave and XC soaring camps as well as finishing 5th in the sports class for his first regional contest in Perry South Carolina in 2018. Pete is currently flying a 1980 DG 200 and just finished his Gold Badge in May of this year. Today he shares his aviation journey and talks about the importance of trailer maintenance and shares with us a scary incident he was involved in while transporting his glider on a busy highway. Later we will hear another Soaring tale from Dale masters, author and glider pilot and this one is called “Too Late To Rush Too Soon To Quit” For our Tips and technics segment today its Miguel Inturmendi from the Perlan Project talking about soaring in stratospheric wave. We will then wrap up the show with our soaring safety Segment as Ben Mayes talks about aerobatic training and how it can make us better and safer pilots. All this and more now on this episode of Soaring the sky.

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