78: Soaring In Sweden & Critical Phases Of Flight

On this episode of the podcast we first head to the west coast of Sweden to find glider pilot David Holmen soaring at the Gothenburg Soaring Club. David got his enthusiasm for aviation from his fighter pilot father, after seeing his Dad in the cockpit he soon started flying himself at the age of 15. David would later introduce his father to a type of flying he had never done, soaring. 

Next on the episode we hear a new story from glider pilot and author Dale Masters on our “Soaring Tales with Dale” (36:00) This one is titled “God’s Own Thermal” Propane on the runway!

We then hear from aviator flight instructor  Mary Rust (38:38) about Winch launches and her experience and how different it is then aerotow. 

Scott Manley CFI-G (41:18) also will join us for our Soaring Safety Segment as we catch up with him to find out some great ways we can stay in the glider and continue to soar even in the off season and with little to no cost to us. All this and more on this episode of Soaring The Sky.









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