68: A Soaring Playground In The South American Andes With David Flint

On this episode we first head to central Chile in South America and join David Flint. He is a glider pilot flying his Libelle H-301 enjoying the beautiful Andean playground. David will share with us what it is like flying over the Andes mountains and soaring with condors! He will also share with us his aviation journey. [20:33] On our soaring safety segment Rich Mataus joins us for some safety tips recorded live in Fairfield PA last summer at Mid Atlantic soaring Open house. [33:20]And then on our brand new SkySight Soaring Tips Segment! We will be speaking with Clemens Ceipek about convergence. Clemens will also let us know how we can be a part of the OLC Speed League! Matthew Scutter from SkySight has given you a coupon code so you can check them out for an additional 10 days past the usual 7 day free trial! If you had SkySight in the past you will still be able to use the coupon. All this and more on episode 68 of soaring The sky!




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