54: Too Low Too Slow: Asvath Ravichandran Glider Pilot with a Masters in computational aerodynamics

Today our guest pilot is Asvath Ravichandran. Asvath left his home country to pursue his masters degree in Germany where he discovered gliders and soon started his soaring adventure. Asvath has flown the ASK 13, Schleicher K8, Ka6E, Piret SZD-30, K4 and the Duo Discus. He now holds his private pilot glider rating and also has finished his masters in computational aerodynamics. He will share with us his adventures in the air and the challenges of learning to soar. Later on the podcast (29:00) Chris Schrader joins us with a report from the SSA Soaring convention in Little Rock. All this now on episode 54 of soaring the sky.

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