29: Turnpoints & Cloud Streets Jim Zombakis

In this episode we join Jim Zombakis as he takes us on a journey Soaring in his first competition. He talks about the very important things you learn in your first race and how to have fun and stay safe while still being competitive. Jim is a powered Aviator as well as a Glider pilot. He also has his Silver badge completing all three requirements in one flight ! Also on this episode hear how Jim discovered Soaring and how he ended up landing out in a crop field. All this and more now on Soaring The Sky !

1 comment on “29: Turnpoints & Cloud Streets Jim Zombakis
  1. Doug Norman says:

    Just stumbled across your podcast; and thoroughly enjoyed it! I was a member of TBSS when Jim Z. joined (and he followed me as the club Safety Officer); and I saw his progression. Was happy to learn Jim has continued to enjoy soaring! Jim, Randy Morningstar, Bruce Patton are great guys.

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