15: From gliders to the Royal Air force: Nick Anderson, A Lifetime Of Aviation

Today we cross the great atlantic ocean to the English countryside to chat with Captain Nick Anderson a pilot who first learned to fly gliders at a very young age. Nick went on to fly with the royal air force and then later flew the airbus A340, A330 and A300 for Virgin Atlantic as well as many other aircraft you will hear about in this episode. Nick is also a podcaster where he enjoys being a co host on The airline pilot guy show. Nick also has his own podcast as well called Plane tales. you can find both podcast at http://airlinepilotguy.com/planetales/  to see pictures of Nick and some of the aircraft he has flown log onto www.soaringthesky.com and click on our guest pilot page. We hope you enjoy this exciting episode! now! on Soaring The Sky !

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